During the daytime, your jungle carpet will usually remain in the hide box. For adults you will need an enclosure that is at least 4' x 2' or bigger. Carpet pythons are large, heavy bodied, semi-arboreal snakes. We keep our baby Carpet Pythons in plastic bins that are 7,8 x 7,8 x 7,8 inches. They are called carpet pythons because they exhibit a dazzling array of patterns and colors that mimic the beautiful woven carpets found in the Middle East. You will … For a young adult, about 1 year old, you can step up to an enclosure that is at least 36" x 18" (Exo Terra Large, or Zilla 40 gal). Enclosures for Carpet Pythons You may come across various types of aquariums, tubs, plastic cages and racks that are used for housing carpet pythons as pets. The carpet pythons are a diverse group of snakes from the Morelia genus that are native to a wide variety of biotopes in Australia and New Guinea. Jungle carpet pythons are nocturnal and have no special lighting requirements. We tend to agree with others that a Coastal Carpet Python cage should be 48″ while an Irian Jaya Carpet Python Cage and a Jungle Carpet Python Cage can often be 36″. Our cages that come 24″ and 18″ tall are great choices for your carpet python. A temperature gradient of 85 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit in the warm end of the enclosure and 68 to 75 degrees in the cool end is ideal.

For one adult carpet python, an enclosure of at least 120 x 60 x 60cm is recommended, however extra height is always beneficial. This is very important, since the Carpet Python will need a warmer place to digest its meals. The most popular among them are timber enclosures with their front part covered with glass, Plexiglas or clear plastic. Carpet Python babies can start out in enclosures as small as 15 gallons. As adults it's important that they are housed in an enclosure with adequate height enabling them to climb. Carpet Python Cage A Carpet Python cage should typically be at least 36″ wide. On the bottom of each row in the rack we have a heating mat installed that operates at 86 °F.

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