How to Unlock Karts in Mario Kart: Double Dash How to Unlock Green Fire in Double Dash. Win the 50cc Mushroom Cup. How to Unlock Petey Piranha and King Boo in Double Dash. Win the Mirror Star Cup.

Barrel Train (Diddy Kong's Kart) Finish the Star Cup in 150CC: Bloom Coach (Daisy's Kart) Finish the Flower Cup in 50CC: Boo Pipes (King Boo's Kart) Finish the Special Cup in Mirror Mode: Bullet Blaster (Bowser Jr.'s Kart) Finish the Special Cup in 50CC: Green Fire (Luigi's Kart… He is an unlockable character, and, for unknown reasons, is a Heavyweight Class Character. creepier than ever!

Win the 100cc Special Cup. King Boo, the king of all the Boos (which are ghosts), comes to Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

How to Unlock Characters in Mairo Kart: Double Dash How to Unlock Toad and Toadette in Double Dash.

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