of the upcoming season. Four diseases have started appearing around the world, and we have just one year to save the world. Yep, was with a teaser for season 3 along with the tagline "every end has a beginning", leading people to think it might be a prequel set in cold war times with space/doomsday clock motifs shown. Pandemic Legacy Season 3: Release Date I really enjoyed the mechanics of the season 2 game, particularly figuring out when and how to explore, but still don't particularly enjoy the regular Pandemic game. In fact, Pandemic Legacy Season 3 went from a guaranteed sale at release to a guaranteed do not purchase. Re: PoTUS 45 LVXII: Pandemic Legacy Season 3 At this point the Press Corps needs to just repeat the same question until Dumpy answers or storms off stage. 8 months ago. Will we be able to contain the outbreaks … On the other hand, a teaser image surfaced at SHUX 2019, that hinted towards the third installment. we've got November (play 2) and December left but it hasn't gripped us nearly as much as Season 1. Well, Z-Man Games and creators of the game are yet to acknowledge any of the surfaced teasers. Yet, Pandemic Legacy Season 3 is highly likely at this point. I still haven't gotten to play season 1, but read an overview after blitzing through season 2 in 3 total days of play with a couple friends that had played season 1.

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