Here you can look up zip codes used in the Philippines. 6311. This will make for a faster and more reliable delivery by the delivery service providers. Palawan Pawnshop - Trinidad. Walay kabaleg tan sukat to ya 239.45 sq. 38: Baclayon. Bohol; Zip Code of Bohol ... Talibon: 6325 38 ... Having the correct zip code is essential to …

The telephone area code is 38.. Bohol Zip Codes. History. ZIP CODES PHILIPPINES – Here is a complete list of the zip codes in the cities and municipalities in the provinces of Bohol, Bukidnon, & Bulacan.

Each administrative division in the Philippines maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. The common formatting of a postal address in the Philippines is as follows: Mr. Juan M. de la Cruz 123, Rizal Street ... bohol zip codes in the philippines.

ZIP code: 6326 . Prominent barangays during that time were Malabago and Dayhangan. Updated March 19, 2018. Indicatif téléphonique: 38. Zip Code: 6325. 38: Alicia. bohol zip codes 6302 albuquerque 6314 alicia 6311 anda 6335 antiquera 6301 baclayon 6342 balilihan 6318 batuan 6326 bien unido 6317 bilar 6333 buenavista 6328.

List of Bohol ZIP codes: Location ZIP Code; Alburquerque: 6302: Alicia: 6314: Anda: 6311: Antequera: 6335: Baclayon Having the correct zip code is essential to your mails delivery.

Nearby Points of Interest. The municipality with more people living in is the capital , Tagbilaran (96,792), followed by Ubay (68,578) and Talibon (61,373). 6335. Say Carmen et kumadwa ya klase baley ed luyag na Bohol, Filipinas. ad to this list of Bohol … Here is a comprehensive list of Zip Codes in Bohol. IDD : area code ... Bohol celebrates its feast on December 28, to honor the town patron, the Holy Child.

The Bohol province had a population, in 2010, of 1,255,128, for a population density of 260.3 inhabitants/km 2. To the west of Bohol is Cebu, to the northeast is the island of Leyte and … Talibon. Its zip code is 6325. To the west of Bohol is Cebu, to the northeast is the island of Leyte and to the south, across the Bohol … Tags. 6302 ALBUQUERQUE 6314 ALICIA 6311 ANDA 6335 ANTIQUERA 6301 BACLAYON 6342 BALILIHAN 6318 BATUAN 6326 BIEN UNIDO 6317 BILAR 6333 BUENAVISTA 6328 CALAPE 6312 CANDIJAY 6346 CARLOS P. GARCIA 6319 CARMEN 6343 … Guindacpan, 6325, Talibon, Bohol, Central Visayas (Region VII) is located in Philippines. list of public school in region vii - central visayas / bohol / talibon i PRC Board Exam Results 2019 Bar Exam Results February 2020 Mechanical Engineer February 2020 Master Plumber February 2020 Occupational Therapist February 2020 Physical Therapist One of the identification information of a city or municipality is a zip code. Sikato et walad kumatlo ya distrito. 6314. You can both search for place names to find the matching zip code, and vice versa, look for a zip code and find the matching place. municipalities; Map Location (approximate only) Nearby Points of Interest. 6325 Talibon.

Leona O. Lim Memorial Hospital Canmanico, 6306 Valencia, Bohol, Philippines +63-38-516-2086 +63-38-411-3632. The progressive town of Talibon lies on the northwestern coast of Bohol, 114.8 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. The following list of postal codes for Talibon, Philippines is derived from View more information about this place. Palawan Pawnshop - Talibon Market.
Postal and Zip Code Search Terms.

BOHOL Zip Codes. Site web: ZIP CODES PHILIPPINES: Full List of Zip Codes in the Provinces of Bohol, Bukidnon, & Bulacan. Bohol Zip Code Bohol is a 1st provincial income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of the island itself and 75 minor surrounding islands. Cortes is a town northeast of Tagbilaran City. 38: Anda. Location: ZIP Code: Phone Area Code: Albuquerque . Zamora, Talibon, Bohol, Central Visayas (Region VII) is located in Philippines. Find the correct postal codes for Philippines in the list above by … The creation of the municipality was to be approved by plebiscite.

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